Courses at the VU-GNU Centre

The VU-GNU Centre is a specialist VU postgraduate centre. Its mission is to:

  • Develop graduate capabilities for jobs in new and growing industry sectors
  • Assist firms to locate excellent talent and upgrade existing talent
  • Respond flexibly to industry and employer needs

The two master by coursework courses offered form a ‘Professional Information Technology Management Suite’. In the future, we plan to introduce VU master’s courses in business and engineering.

Students can take elective units across the different master’s courses to support their interests and career aspirations.

We have an innovative academic timetable based on consecutive six (6) week study periods, designed to provide flexibility for full-time students to complete quickly, and part-time students to combine study and work commitments.

Each course comprises 16 units of study. As a cognate student coming with a business, IT or engineering degree, you will receive 4 credits for foundation topics, and take 12 units to complete your master’s degree.

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